Main menu

Tuesday  -Saturday  4pm                 

Open for Brunch  Saturday & Sunday @ 9am -  main menu available after 2pm             


Chicken littles 11

Buttermilk soaked chicken, breaded, flash fried served on

a bed of kale with ranch & a side of habanero slaw

Quesadilla 11

Cheese & salsa served with sour cream 

add chipotle chicken $4 

add pulled brisket $6 , pulled pork verde $4, guacamole $3

Cheese curds 11

Tempura cheese curds, strawberry jalapeno jam & ranch

Thigh man gf 12

Seared, pulled chipotle chicken tossed in buffalo sauce & served with

bleu cheese dressing and a bit of veg

Crispy Cheese Ravioli 10 

Four cheese stuffed ravioli (parmesan, ricotta, Romano, mozzarella) gently fried served on a bed of greens, with house-made basil marinara for dipping

Baked Pretzel  8

Brushed with butter & lightly dusted with salt

served with smoked gouda cheese sauce

French Toast Sticks 8

Cinnamon sugar french toast you can eat with your fingers! comes with a house-made chocolate sauce (non-dairy) If you want a little heat.. let us know and we will add a

smoked chipotle maple syrup for your dipping pleasure

Fried Green Beans 9

Crisp, flash fried battered green beans served with

ranch & habanero aioli

Wingin' it gf 12

Jumbo drums & flats, roasted then flash fried with your choice of


with bleu cheese or ranch dressing and a bit of veg

Meatballs 12

(3) Angus beef & pork meatballs with romano & ricotta cheeses
Slow simmered in our house marinara topped with  parmesan 

Tomato Soup     cup 6 /bowl 8

Our tomato basil soup with parmesan cheese

Fireside Cheese Dip  13

Charred corn & tomato salsa , poblano peppers , lime, campfire pico,

cream cheese and corn tortilla chips made in house

Chips and Salsa 8

Fried to order corn tortilla chips

with medium red salsa or pico de gallo


adds guacamole 4

add sour cream 1

extra pico de gallo or salsa 3


Tater tots 8

Sweet potato fries 8

Garlic parmesan beer-battered fries 8

Beer-battered fries 7

Dipping sauces 

smoked gouda cheese sauce  2

ranch .50

bleu cheese .50

"bridge sauce"  .50

lemon pesto aioli .50

whiskey bbq .50

classic mayo .50

habanero aioli .50

strawberry jalapeno jam 1 (jars available for sale) 



chipotle chicken or pesto chicken 4

sliced avocado 3 pulled smoked brisket

House salad 9

Mixed greens tossed with a citrus vinaigrette , grape tomatoes, carrots,

cucumber, and herb croutons

Kale Caesar 10

Chopped tender garden kale, parmesan, croutons & lemon

Chopped Wedge salad 11

Chopped iceberg lettuce, bacon crisps, gorgonzola dressing with crumbles, carrots & grape tomatoes



 sub options:

gluten-free bun, sweet potato fries, garlic parmesan fries, tater tots, wedge or caesar 2 ea


add options:

bacon strips or avocado 3

pesto chicken 4

tomato slices 1

cheddar cheese, smoked gouda, gorgonzola cheese 1.5ea 

Brisket Burger 16

Pulled brisket on a kaiser bun with charred tomato & corn salsa topped with

fried onion strings served with fries

*Point Burger 16

Half-pound American kobe patty, kaiser bun, smoked gouda, mayo, sherried bacon jam, 

arugula, grilled tomato, served with pickle & fries

Grilled Cheese 13

Grilled cheese with smoked gouda, cheddar on grilled texas toast & served with fries

Bridge Burger 16

Half-pound american kobe burger, kaiser bun, bridge sauce,

bacon vinaigrette caramelized onions, sliced cherry peppers

& served with fries

Classic Burger 16

Half-pound american kobe burger, kaiser bun, mayo, iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle

& served with fries


Graham Street Sandwich 15

Grilled texas toast, lemon pesto aioli, bacon strips,

iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato, half an avocado

& served with fries

Chicken Caprese Sandwich 15

Pesto chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, lemon pesto aioli,

fresh sliced tomato, kaiser bun & served with fries


BB king 15

Vegetarian black bean patty , kaiser bun, tender chopped kale

tossed with caesar dressing and gorgonzola crumbles,

fresh tomato & served with fries

The bridge box 11

What's in your box? Mini-classic burger with cheddar, beer battered fries and

what's a fun box without a toy? 

Don't forget, you get to choose a shot of vodka, whiskey, rum or tequila

Drunken jack slider box 11

Pulled jackfruit made with tequila, dark beer, jalapenos, carrots, garlic,

cilantro, tomato, onions and a spice blend.- no substitutions please





Smoked gouda mac n cheese 13

Cavatappi pasta in a house smoked gouda cheese sauce topped with

toasted cheesy bread crumbs


pesto chicken  4

smoked brisket 6

bacon crisps 3

Cottage Pie  11

Angus beef, carrots, peas, pan gravy topped

with classic russet mashed potatoes



guacamole 4

add sour cream 1

add cheese blend 1.5

medium red salsa or pico de gallo 3

Chipotle chicken  tacos 13

3 Gluten-free corn tortillas, pulled chipotle chicken, iceberg,

pico de gallo & and cheese

Drunken jackfruit  tacos 14 Vegan 

3 gluten free corn tortilla with pulled jackfruit made with tequila , dark beer, jalapeno, carrots,

cilantro, tomato, onions and a spice blend


Braised brisket  tacos 14

3 Gluten-free corn tortillas, spice blend, slow cooked brisket, habanero slaw

topped with jalapeno pico de gallo

Pork verde street tacos 12

3 Gluten-free corn tortillas with pork verde, habanero slaw topped with jalapeno pico de gallo


Chicken fried steak 17

Cornflake encrusted steak, thyme sausage gravy with roasted breakfast potatoes & eggs 

poached unavailable



Baked with creme anglaise and vanilla bean,served hot with vanilla ice cream,  & caramel sauce


 Topped with powdered sugar & caramel sauce

Pick-Up Instructions

  •  You may pay with cash or credit upon pick up

  • Please use the front door for pick up


  • Stickers, tape, and staples are being used to provide a tamper free seal on our bags, so rest assured, you can feel safe and secure.

  • Please have your phone available in case we need to contact you regarding your order.

  • Your order and the opportunity to continue to serve our community is truly making a difference in the lives of those who have prepared and packaged your meal. 

  • Please note: we strive to prepare and package our pick up and delivery items to preserve the high quality of the food. Keep in mind the temperature, sauce and consistency of some items may vary slightly after being packaged. Please order pick up or delivery items to your discretion